About the NZSPH

The NZ School of Professional Hypnotherapy was founded in 2009 in Christchurch, New Zealand.

For years we have been known as a beacon of excellence for hypnotherapy training in New Zealand. We specialise in comprehensive and practical training in all areas of hypnotherapy with special attention given to developing the personal strengths and skills of the individual therapist. We also offer unrivalled training in all aspects of practice building and marketing.

Our number one goal is to be known as the school that graduates new hypnotherapists with the best possible grounding in how to run and build a professional and successful practice in the shortest time possible.

Our students come first and we provide them with back up, support and ongoing training opportunities.

The school was founded by Ed Lester, a hugely experienced trainer and practitioner. Our diploma course includes the 'gold standard' HPD qualification as well as up to 6 other professional certifications and is run in association with the UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts and Sciences. It includes one year's free membership of the National Council for Hypnotherapy in the UK.

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