Frequently Asked Questions about our Hypnotherapy/ Hypnosis Training Courses

What level of training do I need to become a practicing hypnotherapist?

The short answer is that you don't legally need any.

Hypnotherapy in New Zealand is not a regulated profession and there are no minimum qualifications or training.

However, to work with clients and practice as a hypnotherapist with confidence and integrity, you would want to train to a reasonable standard with a school that understands ethics, professionalism and how to train thoroughly.

We strongly believe that completing a minimum number of practical and theory training hours is necessary for you to feel suitably skilled and resourced and offer the public the kind of professional service they deserve.

Because our training courses are thorough and professional but are balanced with plenty of practical experience and fun, we believe for most people, they offer the ultimate training experience and qualifications.

What is the framework for hypnotherapy in New Zealand and how does the NZSPH fit in?

There are no legally recognised 'official' New Zealand organisations for hypnotherapy, but there are a number of self-regulated bodies - including the NZAPH -  all with their own membership benefits and criteria for joining.  Once you have completed our program, certificates and accreditations, you should find it relatively straightforward to complete any entrance requirements or exams for those organisations.  We will certainly give you any help and back up that you need with that.

It's also worth noting that you receive an 18-month student membership of the National Council of Hypnotherapy (NCH) in the UK during the course, plus the HPD which is accredited by the NCH.

So you could also easily practice hypnosis in the UK or other Western countries.

What percentage of your graduates go on to successful careers as hypnotherapists?

Firstly, understand that there is an unlimited demand for the benefits hypnotherapy can provide. When people understand that hypnotherapy can remove specific fears and issues AND can help them achieve their biggest goals, they tend to sign up for your services without hesitation.

The reputation of hypnotherapy held by the general public is growing and strengthening every day.

Also, please bear in mind that not everyone who does our training course wants to become a hypnotherapist.

Some are practicing other therapies and modalities and simply want hypnotherapy as an additional skill to add to their therapeutic toolkit.

For instance, we have had doctors, psychologists, counsellors, social workers etc on our training courses over the years, and they are simply topping up their skillset.  Other students have their own priorities as to why they desire our training.

That said, we have an exceptionally high percentage rate of our graduates who go on to set up their own practices and see clients, either part-time or full-time, depending on their personal preference and circumstances. Some of them have even gone on to become teachers for our school and recognised experts in their field.

If you are determined to become a hypnotherapist and you dedicate yourself to the fun learning... the coursework... and the professional development necessary, you will get there.

And we are determined to help you.  We can confidently say that when you are ready to set up your practice, the back up and support you receive will be second to none.

To see what some of our graduates and current students have to say about our training courses, click here.

How does your hypnotherapy diploma compare to other courses taught in New Zealand?

Without hesitation, we say that our course stands up next to anything else available in NZ.

It is a diploma program which meets the same criteria as some of the strongest training globally. If your goal is the very best in professional training and you wish to use the skills taught to help real life clients then we are very confident this course will meet your needs.

Perhaps the area in which we stand out from other schools is the level of business and marketing training we offer to students in order that they can look forward to sustainable professional success from the day they qualify.

What should I look for in a hypnotherapy course?

When choosing a course, you are looking for whatever it is that you need personally.

You want to look for instructors who are experienced as hypnotherapists and have spent time working with clients.

Our brochure contains more detailed information and some questions you can ask when deciding on a training course.

We are always delighted to talk with you on the phone or to set you up with a meeting with your future tutor in person.

How much NLP is taught on this course?

Our course contains a complete NLP Practitioner training component.

Several days of the program are dedicated entirely to NLP, but you will find right from Day 1 that NLP techniques and tools are taught as part of the program.

Our overall philosophy is that no one tool is the answer.  Hypnosis is just one powerful tool among many that will be part of your toolkit for helping people, and it's the same for NLP and the many other strategies and skills you will learn.

I've already studied NLP.  Can I miss these modules and get a discount on the course fee?

No. The NLP modules are an integral part of the program, and are spread throughout three weekends of the course making it difficult to separate them out.

We teach NLP in the context of hypnotherapy, so you will find it taught from a different perspective and will see the subject through fresh eyes.

We have had a number of students on the course with an NLP background, some with their Master Practitioner qualification,  and they  find these modules very valuable.

Will I hypnotise people as part of the course?

You will have the opportunity to practice applied techniques throughout the program.

Your instructors are experienced professionals and you can rest assured that you will be taught many techniques and therapeutic strategies that have been tried and tested.

Live demonstrations and regular practice will build your confidence so that you achieve the professional mind and skill set in the shortest time possible.

What qualifications will I receive upon completion of the diploma course?

Once you have successfully completed the course and all of the written and practical assessments, you will receive the HPD (Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma). It is the first time this training qualification has been available in New Zealand, but has been available for several years now in the UK, and represents a 'gold standard' of hypnotherapy qualifications.

You will also receive up to six other professional certificates, including the NZSPH Diploma in Clinical and Advanced Hypnosis and NLP Practitioner Certificate.

You will also gain significant other benefits.

Your clients will see that you have studied for a professional diploma with a reputable training organisation, and that you have specialist skills in several areas. This kind of credibility will help you build a successful, long-term hypnotherapy practice rapidly.

Is there a minimum level of education or academic achievement needed to do this course?

Not necessarily.  There is a certain amount of written work that needs to be done for some of the qualifications. Some of our students are PhD qualified and very academic, while others aren't.

A lot of our students have few traditional academic qualifications, but they are very keen to learn how to use hypnosis to help other people and are accepted onto the program because of their enthusiasm, willingness to share and wide life experience.

Sometimes those qualities are just as valuable as academic experience.

Please be reassured, the main requirements to become a hypnotherapist are your commitment and enthusiasm. If you really want to do this and get onto a new path, please get in touch. We’ll help and support you all the way to your first client and beyond.

What kind of backgrounds do your students have?

Our students come from all walks of life.

We have students who have worked in healthcare, business and education; some have a background in social work, psychology or alternative health; many have artistic interests while others are more science-focused.  There really is no common factor.

One thing shared by most people on our courses is that they are on a journey... they are at a point where they are ready to do something different... to learn something where they can help other people but make a really big change in their own life at the same time.

Although it's a professional training course, you will find that the time you spend in our program will be the most exciting and valuable personal development experience of your life.

Can I combine hypnotherapy with my other skills and experience?

Yes, absolutely.  Hypnosis is such a powerful tool for helping others.

Many people combine it with formal training in psychotherapy and counselling, and others have used it in coaching or business.

Past students on our program have included medical professionals, and people trained in reflexology, homeopathy, massage, reiki, EFT, psychology, NLP and many other disciplines.

Whatever tools and techniques you already have, and whatever experience you've had of life, you'll find that it will integrate perfectly with what you'll learn on this program.

What is the criteria for being accepted on the course?

We interview all prospective Diploma students and we don't let anybody on our courses just because they want to join. Your suitability for the course will be evaluated according to your personal needs and whether we believe the course will be suitable and rewarding for you.

If you are interested and would like to apply, you fill in a short application form and then speak with one of our trainers.  You will have an informal interview to discuss the course and whether it's a good fit for you.

Do you have a home study or shorter course?

We offer a 3 day Introductory Certificate in Hypnotherapy.

This comprises one day's attendance at the Introduction to Hypnotherapy training module, followed by a weekend's training in another module of your choice.  Students can choose from any of the first 5 modules of the course (up to and including NLP Part 1).

The 3 day training is self-contained and is a fantastic option to gain a basic understanding of and certificate in hypnotherapy, however it is also a 'taster' for the longer Diploma course and should you decide to continue, your investment in the certificate course is fully discounted against the Diploma course fees.  You will also have already completed 3 days of the Diploma program. For prices, further information, dates and enrolments, please contact us by email or get in touch on 0800 768368.

We also have an online-only course: Self-Hypnosis & NLP: 10 Weeks to a Confident and Fulfilling Life.  Although not a direct equivalent of either the 3 day or Diploma courses, it is a great starting point if you want to learn more but can't make it to the training workshops.

I can't attend all the dates due to other commitments.  Can I still do the course?

Yes.  The beauty of the NZ School of Professional Hypnotherapy is that we are truly a national school.  Currently we have training centres in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

So if you miss a weekend or are unable to make a day for any reason, you can either wait until that weekend is repeated which is generally not a long wait, or alternatively you can travel to one of our other centres and complete it in a different city.

We’re more than happy for you to keep repeating weekends until you’re totally and utterly confident in each topic, skill and technique.

When you join our school, you join a whole community.  There's a very social aspect to the course and you'll meet new friends for life.

The collaborative learning and sharing experience is very powerful.  You'll work with like-minded people and that's one of the reasons it's such an incredible journey for you personally as well as the skills you'll learn.   That's why you're welcome to travel to a different centre and have the same weekend with a different instructor and group of students, so you can have an even deeper experience.

We take our commitment to training you very seriously, and once you are on the course you can repeat as many of the weekends as you want to with no extra charge, if you would find it useful to go over the material again.

I've missed the start of the course/can't start the course right at the beginning.  Is this a problem?

No, that's fine.  We have a rolling intake system which means you can join the course at any point during the first 5 weekends. You will complete exactly the same training modules as your fellow students, you may just do them in a different order.

Obviously it's great to start at the beginning and very exciting to be there on Day 1, but in reality if you can't start until the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th or 5th weekend, that's not a problem and we can 'roll you in' at that point.

You would need to attend a one-day immersion training session first to get you up to speed and make sure you are confident to join the main group.

Are there any other costs in addition to the course fee, for example buying books?

You don't have to buy any books.  We provide you with comprehensive notes and materials, plus if you want to do any additional reading or research there is so much available online, in libraries and shared between students.

In truth most people love reading about hypnosis, it's a fascinating subject and we provide a recommended reading list, many of which can be obtained through and other internet booksellers.  If you do want to buy books, we can guide you as to which are the best books to buy.

Is this course eligible for a Student Loan?

As hypnotherapy in New Zealand is currently self-regulating and not approved by the NZQA, you will not be able to get a student loan for this course.  However you are welcome to contact Studylink directly with any questions you have about this.

Please bear in mind that we offer a monthly payment plan for our programs so if paying upfront is problematic for you, there is a flexible option.

How much does the course cost?

Please get in touch with us and we'll send you one of our information packs including a full prospectus with prices and payment options.

This is a serious investment in a professional hypnotherapy training qualification, but there is no doubt that your investment would be paid back many times over in terms of the value it adds to your life and the new skills that you gain.

If you decide to pursue hypnotherapy as a profession, we are very keen to help you manifest that. The truth is becoming a practicing hypnotherapist will give you the power to make a difference and to live a richly rewarding life.

We believe there is a huge demand for this kind of help.  It's a very viable career choice and within a short time practicing professionally, you will be able to recoup your initial training investment quickly.

Do you accept credit card payments?

Yes, we now accept payment via Paypal, which means you can use your credit card for some of the payment plans.