Lori Stewart-Smithson

Help for clients to overcome trauma, addictions, habits, phobias and fears

Combining hypnotherapy, counselling, RTT and coaching; Central North Island based.

Specialist services I offer clients

Lori Stewart-Smithson

My Story

Being a survivor of Childhood sexual abuse and associated PTSD (trauma), I get how we find ways to cope. As an Adult, these coping mechanisms no longer served me. I learned to make them unfamiliar and create new familiar desirable ones.

I can help you do the same and break the chains. I believe that everyone has the right to live a life free from the effects of Trauma, and be free to live their own Truth.


I am located in the Central North Island. I work 1:1 with clients and also as I am a great trainer/speaker I love working with groups, organisations, bespoke training etc.

I am also happy to work remotely via Zoom, Whatsapp, Messenger, Skype or FaceTime

Sessions and programs

I can tailor my programs to suit the client’s needs. As a very creative person, I weave this into my clients' sessions. One of my strengths is in translating very complex information into simple terms, analogies and metaphors that my clients will understand.

After an initial Consultation we will develop a unique plan with agreed milestones and outcomes.

This could be a one off session or multiple sessions utilising various modalities such as Hypnotherapy, Coaching, counselling, RTT etc.

About Me

I'm passionate about Nature and love the great outdoor life

I will try most things and I am a bit of a dare devil! I jet ski, snow ski, bike ride, hike, and sometimes just sit on a beach and watch the waves

Contact details

Mobile: 022 159 7324

Email: Lori.tidyminds@outlook.co.nz

Website: tidymindsltd.com

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