PaoLin Chi

Trained Paediatrician using hypnotherapy to help children and families

Specialises in bedwetting, overcoming anxiety and improving self-confidence and self-esteem in kids

Connecting with children and families

Paolin Chi

I am a board-certified, American-trained Paediatrician, which is a medical consultant who specializes in treating kids. I pivoted away from my medical career after moving to New Zealand to prioritize my family. I still use my medical skills in my hypnotherapy practice to understand and assess issues.

I am skilled at connecting with children and families. My life's passion is to walk alongside whanau on their health journey. In my career, I have always used metaphors to help whanau understand health, so transitioning to hypnotherapy felt very natural.

My practice New Growth Therapy is all about unifying the mind and body through hypnosis and health education, for children and their families.

Specialist services

I work with children to help them with:

The power of hypnotherapy to change lives

I worked with a 10 year old boy who loved sports, especially rugby.

During a rugby game, he suddenly became fearful of the onrushing opponents. The next week, he could no longer play on game day. Each week was a step backwards. He couldn't step on the field. Then he couldn't get out of the car on game days.

It got so bad, he struggled to leave his home on game days. He developed negative thoughts towards himself: "Why am I alive? I am so stupid."

The day after our first session, he confidently left the house, got in the car, stepped on the field, and played the entire game from start to finish.

The day after our second session, his parents reported he played the best game of his entire life and won "player of the day." His mother also reports that he is now confident in all areas, not just sports. School progressed better. Home life was better. No more negative thoughts were expressed! In just 2 sessions, his life was transformed.

Change a thought pattern, change a life!

How I meet and work with my clients

Because I focus on kids, I have a mobile practice in the Auckland area. I meet kids and families in their home, where the child is most comfortable. I also meet over zoom.

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About Me

I have 2 kids, whom I would do anything for. I hug them as much as I can, every day. I love animals, especially kitties! I love plants, but I have a black thumb.

I love all keyboard instruments and have played piano since I was 6 years old. I learned to play the carillon, a bell-tower instrument, and performed on the 4th heaviest carillon in the whole world. The heaviest bell was 12 tons! Now, I regularly play keyboard at my Church's worship service.

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Dr. Chi, New Growth Therapy.


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