Rebecca Stafford

Taupo based Hypnotherapist and health psychology specialist

Helping clients to change habits and overcome anxiety, worry and procrastination

Rebecca Stafford

I'm a habit change expert with a PhD in health psychology, as well as training in hypnotherapy. We have far many more habits that we realize - including mental habits such as procrastination, worry and anxiety. In fact, my obsession with habit change began when I needed to get from university dropout to PhD.

Consequently, although I enjoy helping people make and break a range of habits, I have a particular passion for helping students break poor study habits, as well as helping creatives remove creative fears and blocks.

I specialise in:


I must say I have been using [Rebecca’s procrastination-busting] technique for 2 days now and they have been my most productive in months! It has taken the focus away from what is most pressing and moved it into just getting things done.


“Hi Rebecca, I wanted to thank you and let you know what happened to me after our session.

I have to say you were like a dog with a bone and as much as I was trying to ‘only play with the surface stuff’, you really forced me to look and go next level during our session. As uncomfortable as that was … you changed my life with that session.

Within 3 months I had left the worst job of my life, left the most toxic relationship I’ve ever had and then continued to look and work deep with how and why had I let myself get into those situations. This beginning a real journey of positive self discovery and healing …

My transformation has been mind blowing and our session was definitely the beginning of it all for me.”


“I’ve tried everything over the years to stop smoking, and then, a month ago, Rebecca fixed my brain (well, the part that wants to smoke) in 10 minutes. I haven’t smoked since.”


“Within a few minutes of talking with Rebecca, my puzzling, frustrating behaviors made much more sense to me. She provided me with enlightening information as well as with the tools to apply the information to my life, and with her help I’ve made some great changes.

One of which I know many people struggle with… exercising. This had been a struggle of mine for years, but within a month of working with Rebecca I now exercise one hour a day, at least five days a week.. and I absolutely love it. This has impacted the quality of my life in ways I can’t put into words. I’ve also become more efficient overall – in time management and work productivity.

But what I believe made all my progress possible is Rebecca’s kind, humane, empathetic approach. She taught me the importance of self-compassion and celebrating my own successes, no matter how small they might seem – and it’s this new learned attitude that has paved an expedited path for growth.

And Rebecca did this all while making the process of learning enjoyable, personalized, and funny”.


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About Me

I'm a rabid book worm who loves dogs, great food and great coffee. I'm obsessed with psychology, and more recently the re-integration of spirituality into psychology.

One of the smarter decisions of my life was 8 years volunteering as a Lifeline telephone counselor. I also won a crate of beer in a bar tyre changing competition - and I don't even like beer! Admittedly this was a long time ago, and thanks to my father for making me change multiple Range Rover tyres in the Papua New Guinea jungle.

My point of difference is the insight that comes from my own journey and professional expertise. With 16 years experience studying and practicing psychology, I can typically see quickly to the heart of someone's problems. I've also overcome much painful struggle in my own life. This has gifted me with compassion for the struggles, blocks and unwanted habits of others, and enables me to help people with non-judgment and kindness.

Location and contact details

I live in gorgeous Taupo, New Zealand work with clients via telephone or Zoom

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