Sara Wilson

Christchurch based Hypnotherapist helping with anxiety, confidence, weight loss and hypnotic gastric band

Specialises in working with children and offers specialist regression therapy

Mind Garden Hypnotherapy

Sara Wilson

My vision for my clients is to empower people to overcome anything that is holding them back from being their true amazing selves.

How I found hypnotherapy

My big moment of transformation came when my son was diagnosed with Leukemia. Through that journey I saw firsthand how the power of the mind could create and solve problems. He successfully overcame lots of barriers by using the hypnotherapy and NLP techniques that I was learning at the time.

I now love teaching on the Hypnotherapy Diploma Course in Christchurch and passing on all the amazing techniques that I have learnt to new hypnotherapists.

Location, client services and packages

My clinic is in Mairehau, Christchurch. I see clients face to face and via zoom. I also offer group sessions and workshops. I am passionate about working with both adults and children.

I specialise in the following areas:

I offer a 3 session package for weight loss including the hypnotic gastric band option.

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About Me

I am a bit of a kid at heart and enjoy using my imagination in abstract and fun ways. In this way I can connect to the unconscious mind and speak its language, creating fast change for my clients.

I love yoga, meditation, and writing. I also love curling up with a good book!

Contact details


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