Taryn Feehan

Hypnotherapist in Petone, Wellington

Increased confidence and performance in sports and horse riding. Also provides help with long term weight loss and anger issues, anxiety & stress management

Taryn Feehan

​I see my work as a chance to help clients to understand themselves on a deeper level and make changes to improve their lives, to step outside their comfort zones, so that they can move beyond their limitations. I love it when my clients walk away from a session feeling calm, confident and happy to take on the world.

I am very thorough in the way that I work and I have the ability to uncover the cause of my clients’ issues very quickly, allowing my clients to make the change they are looking for very rapidly. My sessions with clients are quite unique as they are each tailored to that specific client’s needs and circumstances.

I work with clients in these specialist areas:

My Story

I know mindset is key in creating the life that you want. 5 years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and within 9 months I had completely healed myself and was cleared of the diagnosis. From the time I first heard the words "you have MS" I instantly knew that that would not be my future.

I used all my knowledge on the mind-body connection, manifestation and healing. I used all of my skills with hypnotherapy and mindset work. I changed my diet and exercise routine, but most important of all I kept my identity as that of the healthy, fit version of me.

Anything is possible if you make the choice and are motivated enough.

Location and client services

I see clients 1:1, online and also in person in our office at 57 Cuba Street, Petone, Wellington

I also run workshops for large and small groups, where I will travel to their location.

Weight Loss packages

I offer 2 different weight loss packages:

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About Me

My biggest passion is personal growth, I am constantly learning new ways to learn and improve myself and my practice. I also have a background in many different areas of the equine industry, the most recent being in equine assisted therapy. I am very physically active and interested in health and nutrition also.

Contact details

Phone: 021 263 4690

Email: themindclinicnz@gmail.com

Facebook: The Mind Clinic NZ - Mind Coaching, Hypnotherapy Lower Hutt and Wellington

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