New Zealand School of Professional Hypnotherapy - News and Updates

NZSPH - COVID-19 Guidelines

Over the last year and a half we have become very flexible, prepared and experienced at handling changes in Alert levels and the impact on planned courses. Here as a guideline are how courses are affected at different Alert Levels (13th September 2021)

Delta Alert Level 2

  • Face-to-face courses go ahead as planned
  • Scanning in is mandatory. Our venues all have their own QR codes at the door. We will also have our normal sign in sheet as an extra precaution or for those that cannot scan in
  • Our training workshops are not public events and so one metre social distancing will apply
  • Wearing a face covering is encouraged if physical distancing is difficult so please bring a mask which can be worn if needed.
  • Students who are in self-isolation or feeling unwell stay at home.
  • Increased hygiene practices (hand washing, sanitiser provided, regular venue cleaning etc)

Alert Level 3 & 4

  • Face-to-face courses in the affected locations are postponed until as early as possible after the alert level has shifted back to Level 2 or lower

There may be other scenarios where planned courses need to be postponed as a direct result of COVID-19 resurgence and Alert Level changes. Our top priority when any course is impacted by COVID or Alert level changes is to communicate with all enrolled students quickly, minimise disruption and make sure face-to-face courses can take place as soon as possible.

We have been running these courses since 2009. In our first 11 years we never cancelled or rescheduled a course, and in the last 18 months we have only had to do this a handful of times during the seven weeks of the original lockdown.

A reminder of our guarantee and commitment to our students

Our terms and conditions and guarantee remain unaffected, ie if any student misses a training day or weekend for any reason (COVID related or otherwise) then they are welcome to attend it again as many times as they wish within the next 4 years (extended from 3 years), and at any location.

If any face-to-face courses cannot take place then they will be postponed to later dates (or students transferred to later existing courses). We will NOT be replacing the in person element of the course with online training and 19 days in person training will still be required and delivered, but if the in-person courses are put on hiatus we are looking at providing additional online support and resources to continue students’ learning and development in the meantime.

We will also be taking advice from the UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts & Sciences and the National Council for Hypnotherapy (who we are associated with) so we are consistent with their approach and policies.

Any student at any point is able to choose not to attend if they prefer, and the option to postpone to later course dates in line with our guarantee still applies.

We are committed to continuing to deliver the training as we have done for the last 13 years, and working with all students and graduates to help them through with what they need, during any short term disruption :-)