New Zealand School of Professional Hypnotherapy - News and Updates

COVID Framework Policy

Here is how our courses will operate under the Covid Protection Framework, with effect from 3rd December 2021:

Vaccine Passes

At Red and Orange levels, Vaccine Passes must be shown to attend any of our courses. Your Trainer or the Venue staff will ask for this upon entry.


Masks are encouraged but not mandated. Spare masks will be available from Trainers.

QR codes

QR codes will be displayed at each venue and you are required to scan in or manually sign in at the beginning of each day.

Physical distancing

Social distancing is based on 1 metre distancing. This means the maximum number of people who could occupy the space if each person was 1 metre apart. People do not need to stand 1 metre apart.


Sanitiser will be provided at each venue. We will also ensure that all teaching areas, kitchens and bathrooms are appropriately cleaned at the end of each day


If you are sick please do not attend. Your trainer has the right to send you home and ask you to contact healthline if they feel you are showing symptoms of Covid.

Alert Levels

The Covid protection framework is an alternative to using lockdowns, which provides much more certainty about courses going ahead. If there is a return to level 3 or 4 as we know it in future, courses in the affected locations will be rescheduled for as early as possible after the alert level has shifted back to Level 2 or lower, and to dates which the majority of people can attend.

A reminder of our guarantee and commitment to our students

Our terms and conditions and guarantee remain unaffected, ie if a training day or weekend doesn’t take place due to forces outside our control or a student is unable to attend as planned for any reason (COVID related or otherwise), then the workshop will be postponed and students can simply attend this the next time it runs or at any other time within the next 4 years (extended from 3 years), and at any location. Paid fees are not-refundable as stated in our terms and conditions.

If any face-to-face courses cannot take place then they will be postponed to later dates. We will NOT be replacing the in person training workshops with online training. But we do have additional online hypnosis and NLP resources that all students gain access to when they enrol, and our online Zoom Masterclasses will continue during any higher Alert levels.

Any student at any point is able to choose not to attend a course if they prefer, and the option to postpone to later course dates in line with our guarantee still applies.

We are committed to continuing to deliver the training as we have done for the last 12 years, and working with all students and graduates to help them through with what they need, during any short term disruption :-)