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I would like to express my gratitude for this amazing training course, it has been life changing for me. From the very start listening to Ed's ego strengthening hypnosis changed my thought patterns and started me on the path to realising my dreams. I decided it was time to lose my excess kilos and I lost 22kgs in a matter of months with hypnosis, I have tried all sorts of things in the past to lose weight, this was so easy, I stuck to a healthy eating plan and the weight dropped off me.

Using self hypnosis, I was able to have dental treatment without anaesthetic, much to my dentist's surprise. I have avoided hip surgery by controlling my pain. I healed my allergies to dogs and hayfever after years of debilitating allergies that stopped me leading a normal life and alienated me from my friends who had dogs.

My confidence has grown to the point I have been able to pursue my dream of getting an agent and I am now represented by one of the top agencies in NZ. I feel Nothing is beyond my reach and my life is happy, exciting and worthwhile. I went from being a sad empty nester to happy, fulfilled and with purpose in my life.

Thank you to the amazing, inspirational trainers on the course who gave me so much.

This is truly an amazing profession and I feel honoured to work with people to change their lives at a deep level, as I have my own. I feel huge gratitude and thanks.

Julia O'GormanHolistic Beauty & Hypnotherapy


"Even though I know hypnotherapy works well, once I made the big decision to begin training myself, and started looking at the websites and options out there, I was concerned. The training was a big investment for me, and I needed to make sure I picked the right training school!

I doubted the authenticity of some of the courses I looked at, some 'styles' looked too alternative and I was very skeptical of 10-day training courses that offered you qualifications! I wanted a school that was very professional, and needed one that would also help me, support me and encourage me - as it had been a long time since I had studied.

After much research, comparing all the options and thinking it through, I chose the New Zealand School of Professional Hypnotherapy. I'm glad I did!

The training has been thoroughly professional throughout and very inspiring. I feel it has definitely been great value for the money. To me it makes much more sense to absorb information in a 2-day training workshop, then be able to have a whole month to practice what you have learned (as well as fitting into my family life and personal circumstances). Learning in stages like this helped me feel I was becoming competent and had gained confidence in each area before moving onto the next - and the learning felt complete as I knew any questions that 'came up' during that month I would be able to ask at the next weekend.

In effect I have had 10 months of training! How can that compare to an intensive 10-day training course?

As I have been out of formal education for a long time, I was also concerned whether I'd be able to keep up to the standard I would need to be at in order to learn the material. However all of the NZSPH staff were so supportive and encouraging, they dispelled my fears and gave me self-confidence by talking me through and sending me information on the course work. As it turns out, everything was fine. Nothing has ever left me feeling defeated. I loved the training and looked forward to each training weekend.

Last but not least, I really thoroughly enjoyed the way that Ed teaches. His use of lots of stories and examples made it seem easy to learn, and I found his energy and "flow" truly inspiring - I feel extremeley lucky to have had him as my trainer. Also Iain Anderson has a lot to offer with his teaching, I found him very helpful in my learning journey with encouraging me to enjoy and feel I could 'just go and do it!' (help people). I also appreciated his knowledge and experience."

Vicky Cooper, Queenstown
Life Unlimited Clinical Hypnotherapy

Elayne Lane

I have now finished attending the classes in Auckland. Doing this extra round has made a huge difference to my understanding of hypnotherapy and also my confidence in using it.

Thank you Ruth and Ed for organising my place in the classes. Daryl and Christine: You are both marvellous teachers and I have thoroughly enjoyed being in every class. I feel so inspired by you both. Wishing you all the very best and extending my gratitude and appreciation.

Elayne Lane, Nelson

I'm really excited and happy to confirm that for me I loved the weekend of the Intro day and module of Therapeutic Relationship Training.

May I take the opportunity of passing on my heartfelt thanks to Christine Walters who delivered a life-changing and successful 3 day course of content to myself both professionally and personally. Just over the days I've felt a major mindshift in quiet confidence and internal self belief that I'm a wonderful human and my place in living on this planet is to do what I love and that I continue to live/celebrate my life through sharing and helping others. I had the privilege of being her subject in the class demo.

Even before going under and being interviewed I first thought, like I've always thought: 'Annie you're a lost cause' or '... you're in the too hard-basket'. Now no more. Like I can now see a pristine clear picture without the fog or smoke blown over my life .... now, with conviction 'I know I am enough. I am worthy, valued and proud to be who I am!' I'm still perplexed as to what I'm thinking and feeling (for the positive) but my gut tells me I'm on the right path.

…Christine is a gem. She is an ambassador for great influence and I am eternally grateful that she chose me as her subject. Without her realising, she has helped me rediscover my shine, uniqueness and precious value as a diamond in the rough.

Annie, Auckland

Thank you. I can't even find the words to tell you how much I enjoyed my 1st weekend. It was a very magical and moving experience crafting a script and using it and hearing feedback from it.

Debbie Eaton, Nelson


"I love the way that the Diploma course was structured. Two full days training per month, for 9 months. This gave me time between training weekends to read up on the materials, process and practice my new skills. It was a wonderful time in my life. I met amazing, like-minded people and have built relationships I'll cherish forever.

My tutor, Peter, is knowledgeable, professional and wonderfully encouraging. He never minded, in fact he embraced all my "Yes, but...?" questions, and allowed discussions that were both absorbing and wide-ranging, while still, somehow, keeping us all on track.

I have learned SO much. If anyone had told me 6 months ago that I would enjoy devouring a book about neuroscience, I would have told them that they were mad.

I'm more alive than I have been for years. This course, with its judicious balance of theory and practice, gave me the skills and confidence I needed to set up my own practice, and to start helping people improve their lives. The training school has been incredible. I have no hesitation in contacting Peter and the other trainers for help and support whenever I need it. Thank you so much for a life-changing experience. I would recommend the course wholeheartedly."

Norma, Waitakere


"I looked forward to every training weekend. I left each weekend feeling great and couldn't wait until the next one. The training was fun, and I learned more over the 9 months than I imagined could be possible. I was originally interested in learning hypnosis to help me deal with my own stuff, and to understand more about things like stress and anxiety.

During the course my confidence and skills grew, and I realised I would be able to set up a practice to help other people with anxiety and other related issues.

I met great, interesting people and gained skills in so many areas such as Ericksonian hypnotherapy, NLP, stress management and much more than I could mention here."

Steve Barton, Otago


"The NZSPH is a VERY professional training school. The staff are approachable, knowledgeable and experienced, extremely generous in their sharing. The school is very professional and well organised.

Because I work full-time, I needed to find a training school that would fit in with my existing profession. This was definitely achieved and I appreciate the modular nature of the course, allowing our learning to be a journey.

The weekend workshops were in small, intimate groups. There was lots of interaction and endless opportunity to do the practical work without ever feeling awkward. The trainers are very giving, and the support we received and continue to receive is excellent. We can keep coming back for extra training at no extra charge. The teaching style and philosophy allows us to bring out the best in ourselves.

Hypnosis is about relationships and the fact that we learn about how to build relationships in the group is great. The friendships I have made in the group will last a lifetime, and that is priceless.

Professionalism and truly caring about the students, and wanting them to succeed - that's what's this training course has been about."

Lorna Craig


"I really enjoyed being able to share with like-minded people, and learning new skills; every one brought different aspects to the teaching and the course, and Ed pulled it all together for us. It was quite intensive at times, and occasionally challenging, but always enjoyable. I was able to gain confidence and expertise in a supportive environment, without fear of being judged; the learning curve was sometimes steep, but always interesting and stimulating.

Ed and Ruth were always there for us, in and out of the classroom, and still are; most of us also built a support network with other members of the group, and we are still in touch.

The sheer professionalism and absolute dedication of both Ed and Ruth, before, during and after the course made it special, and still does. Training with this school does not stop on qualifying - getting our 'stripes' is only the beginning! I feel that I am a member of something pretty special for life, and that I can always go back for advice if needed."

Marianne Robson, Foxton


"Although I had never really considered hypnotherapy before I came across the website hypnotherapy-training.co.nz, I instantly knew it was the right thing to do and had signed up hours later.

I enjoyed every one of the training weekends, which were conducted in a small group with a friendly atmosphere and no pressure. Ed's training method is open-minded and very personal and there was always time for questions. I especially liked the practice of taking in students most of the year rather than start everybody at the same time, since it gives you the support from those who are more experienced when you start and the practice and confidence to support others when they come in later.

Having finished the written work, I am now looking forward to the possibility of starting the practice I always wanted, using hypnotherapy tailored to my expertise with personality types, with the security of having a good support system.

But even for those who do not look for a career in hypnotherapy, the course is a fantastic way of gaining the benefits of practicing hypnosis for personal benefits and to help friends and loved-ones.

I have never once regretted doing the training and I look forward to keeping in touch with my class-mates and enrolling for additional courses when they become available."

Mirjam Maclean, Dunedin


"I thoroughly enjoyed the Diploma training course at NZSPH. I loved the way ideas were conveyed and skills were taught. The atmosphere was friendly, and everyone was encouraged to ask questions… work on their own priorities… and learn at their own pace. The variety of teaching methods and focus on practical skills mastery was excellent. We are able to repeat modules we have missed or where we don't feel strong enough.

The Diploma assignments were a big part of the journey for me. They crystallized the overall learning and helped me bring forth my knowledge that I had gained in the training workshops. The teaching and the coursework were professional and thorough, and a critical part of my learning experience.

The balance of practical skills and theoretical subject knowledge was excellent. My teachers were great. I have a very strong educational and teaching background, so I feel qualified to comment on teaching standards. Both Iain Anderson and Ed Lester are highly effective teachers. They were both generous with their knowledge and experience. They were patient and encouraging, and they were able to assist students on their own individual priorities and professional goals.

Everyone on my training course was unique, and had unique needs and motivations. Iain and Ed were able to accommodate these in an effective and inspiring way."


Tatiana Blagova-Ives, MA, PhD, Christchurch


"I have got a LOT of value from this training course. I had big, positive expectations about what I wold achieve from the training, and they have been exceeded. The back-up and support has been prompt and extremely helpful, from the trainers and staff.

My goal is to work in professional development, working with companies, organizations and professionals. This training course has been great for preparing me for that environment.

The trainers share such a huge amount of knowledge, practical skills and fascinating information. There is a great balance between practical and theory, so that we feel truly ready to get out there and help people."

Aimee Burton


I loved the fact the training was spread out, once a month was a great way of doing it! Ed and Iain were great teachers. They helped me build my skills and confidence. I hadn't studied for many years, and was concerned what it would be like. I certainly didn't like the idea of going on a course with long blocks, where I would have to absorb new information and skills "all at once".

This training has increased my personal self-confidence hugely. In terms of personal development, I have improved SO much. When I look back, I'm doing things I would NEVER have done before. Signing up for the training was a "sudden" decision. I signed up at very short notice, because it "felt right".

I've never regretted my decision for a single moment. Joining this course was something that has paid huge dividends in all areas of my personal and professional life.

I am now so enthusiastic to pass it on to others. My clinic in Dunedin is growing… I'm still learning a lot and I'm helping people make a huge difference. Having my own hypnotherapy practice helping others is incredibly rewarding."

Garry George, Dunedin
Dunedin Hypnotherapy


"I really enjoyed my training experience. It has added considerable skills to my existing practice and expanded what I already had.

I offer holistic massage (which incorporates really well with hypnotherapy) as well as Kinesiology, Reiki, Bach Flower Essences and Reflexology. Hypnotherapy has integrated much better than I realised would be possible. It's wonderful!

I learned a lot from Peter Garrett - he is a very honest and genuine person. I specially liked the very good support and communication provided by Ed and Ruth.

The training weekends I received from Ed and Iain were very inspiring and a "special treat", they are both wonderfully skilled, knowledgable and entertaining. It was a pleasure to be taught by them and I am looking forward to more..."


Gloria Seaman, Auckland
Balance for Life


"I enjoyed the training environment in Christchurch. I loved the inclusiveness and that individual learning styles were attended to. On the course we had a very diverse mix of people who all brought their own experiences, skills and "flavour" to the class.

In my hypnotherapy practice, I absolutely have found that clients are looking to gain confidence and to feel reassurance. The training course certainly gave me the tools to help people with this.

I love what I do. Hypnotherapy is such a powerful tool.

The training course allowed me to use what I'd learned in my own life and at the end of the day it gave me the credibility and learning necessary to be a professional hypnotherapist.

The training was certainly hands on and very effective.

It was only later on when I went into practice helping clients that I realised JUST how much I had learned through the training. That is what I have found so valuable."

Beth McLeod, Christchurch


"I loved the aspect of being able to attend course whilst continuing with my current job as this helped me to fund my training. Training once a month also gave me time to reflect and practice in between weekend training. I also enjoyed the rolling practice whereby we had people in our group that were new and others who had completed 1/4 -1/2 way through their course as this gave experience and 'newness' adding a wonderful dimension and keeping us all on our toes.

The people I trained with were fun and amazing - all from different walks of life.

This training has helped me tremendously in knowing where my future lies. I am really excited and can't wait to have my own successful hypnotherapy practice. The training also helped me with my current role where I am able to utilise skills learned on my clients.

Peter is very willing to assist his students and having a successful practice he was able to give many tools and skills that he has learnt and used himself. His skills are up to date and backed up by Ed. We work to time and he is always prepared, offering not only support but recommending books and other resources. He was able to relate to the whole group and ensured everyone was noticed and noted.

Ed is amazing, he is patient, nothing is ever 'too much trouble' and he always willing to go the extra mile to ensure his students are learning and happy. He extends this via his tutors Peter and Iain who are also very willing to share their expertise.

I absolutely recommend NZSPH as my school of choice to train in hypnotherapy because they are 'real' people who truly care about others. They believe in you and show a genuine interest in your progress."

Diana Edmonds


"I love that I go home after every training weekend smiling and look forward to the next weekend with excitement.

The skills I have learnt will not only complement my previous training in Management and Human Resources but help me enormously with my two young gorgeous children and no doubt will spill into all areas of my life. Hypnotherapy and NLP is a very enlightening communication tool.

Iain has been an incredibly patient trainer. His experience in the profession has been invaluable and learning has been relaxed and enjoyable. I know if I have any questions I am welcome to ask. The team has been highly professional and very supportive.

I spent a lot of time researching training options and always came back to this school. They certainly offer the whole package and their approach to teaching Hypnotherapy and NLP is to make it the student's journey. There are no time frames or deadlines. Learning is at your pace and you can attend any of the training weekends across the country.

I am thoroughly enjoying the course and look forward to a new direction with communication in mind!"

Christina Richards, Christchurch


"Thought provoking, stimulating and a profound learning experience are words that come to mind when deciding on how I would describe this course! Ed certainly has a captivating manner, a way with words and endless storytelling abilities. If one were to imagine a toolbox – I'm sure that it would be bulging at the seams with his seemingly endless ways delivering his well-organised course material.

Regardless of one educational background or perceived lack of ability, Ed's ways ensured that if they just sit back and ENJOY - it WILL happen. His foresight and words of wisdom was proved correct every time. If you are worried about whether or not you have the ability – fear not – this course is about process where learning is at your own pace and in your own way.

The constant opportunities for questions and practical work not only made this particular course stand out for me (and believe me I did plenty of research before parting with my $'s), but was also invaluable in ensuring that everyone who graduated would be fully equipped to take on clients. A further aspect of what made this course stand out over others was that it was spread over a nine-month period. This allowed us the time and opportunity to practice and consolidate the new information and skills without suffering from information overload. This also meant close supervision where we could discuss what went well and ways that could have made things go better in the following class.

I would like to highlight the dedication and genuine backup support provided by Ed and his team throughout the nine months and after. Their helpful advice and support was invaluable for me for setting up my own website and practice. I can personally guarantee their 'unique guarantee' as listed in the training website!

In training through NZSPH I certainly got much more than I ever anticipated – both personally and professionally. The skills gained not only added to my psychology and social work background, but also helped rid me of a chronic pain condition that I had developed from a serious injury. I believe that this is a unique opportunity and if anyone is considering undertaking it "Go For It – You Won't Ever Regret It!"

Karen Hughes, Dunedin


"I have thoroughly enjoyed the training via the NZ School of Professional Hypnotherapy. I have found that the course being spread over 9 months has given me a chance to assimilate knowledge, do extra reading around the material and to put into practice the techniques we have learnt. It also meant I was able to attend the course on weekends whilst working during the week.

During the course I have experienced an immense amount of personal growth, stimulated by hypnosis. I have also grown as a therapist. The course covers not only hypnosis techniques but therapeutic relationships, ethics, privacy and marketing which I think are all essential in facilitating a well rounded, ethical and professional therapist. The course material fits in nicely with my previous skills (as a Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist and NIS Practitioner), dovetailing with other techniques and modalities that I use.

I have met a wonderful group of people from a range of differing life experiences, clinical and non-clinical backgrounds. Discussions during the weekend courses have been stimulating and have added to the vast amount of learning. Practising our skills on one another has been great – good to get feedback from one another and experience being both the therapist and the client.

Peter our trainer has been excellent and has been very supportive of our learning. He has shared his knowledge, not only from his experience as a hypnotherapist, but also with his background in teaching and counselling. He has also been quick to support and advise outside of the teaching weekends for things such as setting up a website. Additional input from both Iain and Ed has given further depth to the course. It is great to experience different styles from different therapists. The trainers genuinely care about our growth as new therapists and there is great support both during and after the course has been completed. Resources on-line have been invaluable and Ruth is always available to answer queries and assist students.

I have no hesitation in recommending this course! It has been extremely worthwhile both personally and professionally."

Wendy Barry, Auckland

Health Max


"Finding a classroom based, plus home study, Hypnotherapy course in New Zealand with advanced training, extensive exams and on-completion qualifications which are recognised in the UK and America was a big ask—before Ed Lester arrived with the New Zealand School of Professional Hypnotherapy. With his affiliation to the UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts and Sciences, this course was everything I was seeking for professional training. How exciting: and so the journey began.

I was not disappointed. The training with Peter Garrett (Lead Trainer in Auckland, whose guidance and encouragement has given me so much confidence) also the sessions conducted by Iain Anderson, and Ed Lester's vast experience and wisdom, have been a pleasure to train under, fulfilling every expectation.

It has been wonderful meeting so many like-minded students all embarking on their own journey of discovery. I have developed friendships which will continue over the years to come as they have become valued and trusted friends.

Now my course is completed, exams finished, but the journey continues. How exciting to begin receiving the qualification certificates!

This course has given me the confidence and ability to go immediately into my own practice from the first week. From networking I have been amazed at how busy I have become. It is so exciting knowing my future path is in a profession I am passionate and excited about. As I look forward to specializing and working with Children's issues and Parent Child relationships, I think I may add Fertility and Hypno-Birthing to my resume. So many options……I see so many doors opening in the future I'm so looking forward to going through them.

Thank you so much Peter, Iain, and Ed and the NZSPH."

Denise Dalbeth, Auckland
Auckland Training Centre - Graduate