Camille O'Donoghue

Christchurch based Hypnotherapist specialising in weight loss, self-esteem and confidence and stress & anxiety issues

Works with a combination of Hypnosis, Mindfulness and NLP to support wellbeing and healing

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Camille O'Donoghue

Supporting people's well being through the effective healing power of hypnosis, mindfulness and NLP. I take my own approach to therapy depending on my clients’ needs. My goal is for them to come away with lots of “Aha!” moments and tools they can use anywhere, anytime.

I specialise in:

Having a positive impact with clients

One of my clients had suffered with weight and food-related issues for over 20 years, and had received medical, and professional help from psychologists with little or no relief or change.

Once we began to work together and formed a good therapeutic relationship changes began to happen. Firstly the client started to see new possibilities of how things could be and started to gain more confidence in their own ability. After 4 sessions the client was in a totally different and positive mindset and had managed to be totally free of all those years of her issues.

The best thing is that when I asked what they wanted and what would be the best outcome the client could have, not was it to be totally free of the issues… but they also wanted to help others with these issues in the future because they did not want others to struggle for years unnecessarily.

Since then they have studied and gained qualifications to do exactly that. I feel honored to have been the catalyst for this to happen.

Sessions and packages

I offer 3-4 session packages if needed like for weight issues or more complex issues. I find 1-2 sessions work for most issues.

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About Me

Love my animals especially dogs and horses… love exploring our beautiful country… am passionate about being mindful and using our minds to their full potential...always learning!

Contact and location

I work with clients in person at my Lyttelton practice


Website: R4 Hypnotherapy

Direct phone: 021 022 36282

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