Viv Adams

Dunedin-based Hypnotherapist & Life Coach

Help with improved health and wellbeing through weight loss, overcoming stress, anxiety, phobias and addictions; enhance your professional, sport and creative performance to enjoy life more

Are you ready to harness your power now and enjoy activating your best?

Hi I’m Viv Adams, Hypnotherapist and Health & Life Coach, and my business is Empowering Minds for Life. I help people learn self-hypnosis so that they can enjoy getting their lives back even better than before.

Specialist Services I Offer

Viv Adams

Things people ask me for help with are:

I can help you learn exactly this and more. To find your freedom, happiness, joy, and fun.

My Personal and Professional Philosophy

My personal and professional philosophy is “All hypnosis is self-hypnosis”. And self-hypnosis simply is harnessing our natural human ability to lift the quality of our mind-body experience in each moment, building momentum for positive change, and producing tremendous satisfaction. It’s a bit like in tipping the first domino… you open the way for the rest to settle gracefully into place, and it’s all you creating these new patterns of thinking and feeling that serve you better.

As your skill in using self-hypnosis develops and you find you’re overcoming blocks yourself, your self-confidence really soars. You then start embracing present and future challenges as opportunities to keep growing stronger. And when you relish taking ownership and accountability for your life and health journeys, you’ll notice feeling more comfortable riding life’s ups and downs, and more at ease expecting the unexpected – this is an excellent way to feel empowered living in our world now.

My clients find what’s truly liberating about learning self-hypnosis is discovering you have choices. Rather than being reactive victims of circumstance, you can become a proactive agent of positive change. Each time you refocus your attention on purpose with purpose, you channel the energy and power of your conscious and unconscious minds. You step into your power, enjoying more flexibility, and more resilience. You have more energy to help your family, friends, and community along the way.

My Story

I’m thrilled to have graduated with the Diploma in Clinical and Advanced Hypnotherapy from the NZ School of Professional Hypnotherapy. And currently I’m loving further extending my skills by studying Medical Hypnosis.

It’s thanks to the fabulous faculty for their faith and encouragement, and ongoing professional supervision, and fellow students for their mutual trust and integrity that I’m here.

Achieving formal qualifications and finding my role as a professional hypnotherapist is a wonderful way to celebrate my own journey back from concussion and chronic pain

When these workplace injuries meant I couldn’t return to my job in hospitality I was so shocked I hit a huge wall of stuck. Then this flame of Kiwi can-do energy sparked up. Searching for real help to shift forward, I found hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis, and health & life coaching.

This lived-experience of using these self-liberating processes to get my life back informs the support I offer people who seek my help in dealing with their own life shocks. Their stories of courage and success are valuable proof we ordinary people are powerful beings when we stand up for ourselves.

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How I Work With Clients

If you’re curious about learning self-hypnosis and empowering your personal health and well-being, and enjoying the bonus ripple effect of enhancing your professional, sport and creative performance, call me on 021 0266 1062, or email: [email protected]

We can discuss forming a collaborative partnership where we both bring 100% commitment to achieving your desired outcomes. Together we’ll design a you-nique plan that lights up your life.

My role is guiding you to new perspectives and clarity, helping you break free from stuck and achieve your potential. I use evidence-based hypnotherapy and lifestyle coaching resources, including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), self-hypnosis, mindfulness and powerful conversations.

From the moment we meet you learn easy and fun to use personal power tools, ensuring you receive optimum effectiveness and value. And before you know it, you can enjoy positive long-term behaviour and lifestyle changes. Starter keys in our first conversation are self-kindness and smiling.

About Me

I live in beautiful Waitati (just north of Dunedin), with my husband, Bob, on our small farm, along with 2 working cats, 8 free-range hens, and our flock of sheep. I love drawing and creative writing. As well as gardening, walking, time at the beach, and re-learning how to cycle and swim. Weekends are extra fun when our daughter, son-in-law, and our 3 granddaughters visit.


Clients meet me in-person in my office in Regus, 218 George Street, Dunedin, also live on-line, and via phone 0210266106


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